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250.00 AED 30ml

Vit C-30™ Ultra Brightening Serum

In a study of 20 volunteers:

  • 100% agreed it improved skin brightness
  • 95% agreed it left their skin looking smoother

A powerful vitamin C serum with 30% ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid (one of the highest amounts to make it into a product). Helps to improve the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles now, and protects from pesky damage later.

When growing up we like to think we become wiser. Whether that’s perfecting the best roast potatoes or tactically telling someone they have spinach in their teeth. But with all this, we’ll inevitably have to tackle the skin ageing that comes along with it.

Vit C-30™ is jam-packed with a number of benefits for your skin. From its antioxidant protection to skin brightening to anti-wrinkle wizardry, this serum is one to have in your skincare routine. It’s time to take back control of skin ageing and restore clarity, improve skin suppleness, provide overall evenness and a tightening effect to boot.

So without going too much into science, we thought we would explain the ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid a bit more. Ascorbic Acid (aka vitamin C) in its purest form is highly unstable; meaning it reduces its effectiveness over time (oh no!). We therefore have a high level of stabilised vitamin C in Vit C-30 (hooray!) so therefore maximising its effectiveness over time. This acts directly on skin without needing the help of unpleasant solvents (which we don't like as they strip the skin of its moisture and can be irritating).

Perfect for

Vit C-30 is suitable for 30+ skin that has seen some action (ie sun damage, late nights, general fun).

How to use

Apply 3-4 drops to clean face, neck and upper chest then gently massage the serum in. Avoid the delicate eye area. Once applied, you'll feel the product on the skin. Perhaps a slight tingle? No problem! This is a good thing and means the product is working. As we like to say - Vit C-30 both tightens and brightens your skin.

Follow up with Hyasoft® if you fancy, then your favourite moisturiser or facial oil. Don’t forget SPF in the morning!

Tips for best use

The super-high concentration of vitamin C in Vit-C 30 means that if the bottle has been kept at cold temperatures (usually less than 5°C), the vitamin C can crystallise in the formula.

This is a totally natural process that can happen during the winter months and goes to show how much active we've managed to squeeze in the formula (30%) - we couldn't fit any more in if we tried!

Usually, Vit-C 30 will go clear when it warms to room temperature, but if the bottle has been through a particularly cold period, you may need to heat up the formula at home.

It's very straight-forward, just place the bottle in a bowl and fill with fully boiled water to the top of the glass of the Vit C 30 bottle. Leave for a couple of minutes, then carefully remove (holding the rubber dropper) and shake the bottle to get the crystals moving around inside. Place back into the bowl and after about 15 mins the formula should have cleared. Repeat all steps once more if any crystals remain.

Once the formula has totally cooled, you can enjoy using Vit-C 30 as normal and reap the benefits of this special serum.

Active Ingredients

Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid, Hydrocurcumin, Grapefruit Oil, Lemon Oil, Egyptian Geranium Oil

Formula facts

No Parabens, No Sulphates, No Alcohol, No Phthalates, No Mineral Oil, Vegetarian-friendly, Vegan-friendly and Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores!)

Green facts

Against animal testing, Against plastic microbeads and Carton: Recyclable & sustainable paper

Natural facts

Natural grapefruit, Natural lime and Natural lemon peel

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 Take a look at the HERO sidekick who helped us create this product... meet Jill

Name: Jill Dufosse
Age: 51

Skin concerns:
  • Ageing
  • large pores
  • dryness
vit c30

I need a product that will tighten my skin, and soften fine lines, minimising my large pores. I have yet to find something that will do all three ! I also don't have much time in the mornings for a complicated routine as I am on the go most days.

Very impressed with this product. Will certainly be using. Brightens, tones and firms skin. It feels soft without being greasy or sticky.

I'm already a big fan of the HERO Glow Oil, which I was given in a Beauty box. Now on my third bottle. Very pleased with HERO products- I hadn't heard of them before.

No. Vit C-30 has been made to be kind to sensitive skin. It is powerful, so please avoid applying close to the eye area. There are some fragrance allergens in the product which are part of the essential oils. We would always recommend that you try a small amount of the product first before normal application as our skin reacts differently to cosmetic products.
You sure can! All of our products work hand in hand if you want to use them all. We would recommend first off using Vit C-30 in the morning, followed by Glow Drops (if you fancy), Hyasoft and then lastly your favourite moisturiser. Oh...and don’t forget your SPF in the morning!
If you use topical vitamin C in your skincare, it should be applied at alternate times with Night Drops. Combining Niacinamide with pure forms of vitamin C can affect the integrity of both ingredients. We recommend applying vitamin C (aca Vit C-30) in the morning and Night Drops, guess what... at night.
The main ingredient you’ll find in Vit C-30 is stabilised vitamin C (Ethylated Ascorbic Acid). You will also find a beautiful blend of fab oils including, lemon, grapefruit, lime and geranium oil.
In the Vit C-30 bottle, there is a small well or dimple in the bottom. This allows every last drop of Vit C-30 to be reached. (So no more shaking a bottle into your hand.)
Yes, you’re right, eagle eye. Glow Drops is a facial oil with a shot of vitamin C. This is used to moisturise and hydrate the skin; giving a “just-come-from the-gym” type glow to the face (in a good way). It’s suitable for all ages and skin types. Vit C-30 on the other hand is a high strength, powerful 30% Ethylated Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) serum. It’s a highly concentrated power punch of a serum to address signs of ageing like lines, wrinkles, uneven tone and dullness. If your skin has seen some action (ie sun damage, late nights, general fun) and you’re in or approaching your thirties and beyond, this serum is likely to be more your bag. Both products can even be used together if you like the sound of this clever duo - serum first on cleansed skin, then oil.

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