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Resurfizz™ - 2-Step Carbonated Face Peel Treatment Set

Our two-step, pomegranate enzyme peel helps you get your Friday Fizz on, the natural way. This 4 week kit will set you up for a month of bright, smooth and flawless skin, no hangover included.

The morning after Friday Fizz. We’ve all been there. Dull, sad skin, a banging headache and dark circles galore. But what if we told you that you could revel in your Friday Fizz, with no risk of a hangover? In fact, you’ll even look better the morning after than the night before. Unheard of!

Introducing Resurfizz™, the revolutionary enzyme peel which gives you your Friday Fizz, the natural way. Our 4 week kit is set up to secure bright, radiant skin; refreshed every weekend, ready for you to face all your adventures. Your friends will look on in awe at your glowing, perfect skin, not able to quite put their finger on what’s different about you. Resurfizz™ is our little secret, and now we’re sharing it with you.

Quick recap; a peel is usually a chemical process which uses acids to remove the outer layers of your skin. Dusty old skin cells are sloughed off to reveal beautiful, glowing, young skin underneath. Resurfizz is a new revolution in peels, using natural fruit enzymes in the place of scary acids to gently buff off the outer layers of skin and reveal a fresher, younger you.

It’s just two steps, and double the fun with Resurfizz™. Step one, Thermo Melt™, is a super charged exfoliating cleanser, which gently heats up on your skin, opening pores easier than a warm bath. Magic! It works to cleanse, purify and remove makeup to prep your skin so it's uber clean for step 2 - our revolutionary Enzyme Fizz™. Powered by natural pomegranate enzymes, this golden bubbly fun is the easiest way to get your Friday Fizz on. And this kind won’t even leave you feeling worse for wear in the morning. The oxygenated mask fizzes up on your face and micro-exfoliates your pores, leaving a naturally resurfaced complexion, without acids. The unique formula gently exfoliates away dead skin cells, brightens skin tone and gets to work on lines and imperfections leaving you looking like you’ve slept for days. You can thank us later.

How does the magic happen, you ask? The first step warms up your skin using natural self-heating minerals that produce real heat, not just the sensation. Bamboo exfoliating beads help begin the exfoliation process which is reinforced in step 2 - don’t worry, no plastic beads in sight! Our cleansing cloth included in the Resurfizz kit is also made from natural bamboo, and it will leave your skin so soft even the pandas will be jealous. During step 2, natural pomegranate enzymes softly break up the bonds between your skin cells, allowing the older cells to break away and renew the skin’s surface. And there you have it, our top secret formula for fresh skin. We won’t tell if you don’t.

Perfect for

Anyone with dull, lacklustre skin, in need of some extra fizz in their life.

How to use

Repeat this process weekly…

Step 1 - Thermo Melt
Lift up the inner tray to reveal the natural cleansing cloth and spatula. Take off your eye makeup with Undo™ and then use a large ‘malteser’ size amount of Thermo Melt massaged into damp skin. This balm will remove makeup and warm up your pores to leave them extra receptive to the next step. Rinse this off with warm water to leave your skin super soft and dazzlingly clean.

Step 2 - Enzyme Fizz
Using the spatula provided, dollop one of the enzyme peel jars onto your skin and smooth all over. Of course, avoid the delicate eye area and lips. If you have any left over, don’t forget to cover your neck, upper chest and hands, they need some love too! Lay back and relax for 5-7 minutes and let those little enzymes do their thing. You’ll feel your skin tingle as the oxygen is released and the mask bubbles up. It will change from a golden gel into a white fizzing foam. After the allotted time, rinse your face with warm water using the natural cleansing cloth provided to reveal beautifully fresh skin. Follow this with your usual moisturiser. The next morning be sure to apply lots of SPF to protect those fresh skin cells!

A quick note… while Resurfizz is a suitable peel even for the most sensitive skins, do be careful with Thermo Melt and don’t scrub too hard! A gentle exfoliation is the way forward. If you are super, super sensitive, we suggest only leaving Enzyme Fizz on for 3 minutes the first time you use it. If your skin loves it (which we think it will) go ahead and use the remaining pots each week for the full treatment time.

Active Ingredients

Step 1 - Heating microcrystals, citrus essential oils, glycerin and bamboo stem powder.

Step 2 - Pomegranate enzymes, moringa plant extract, carbonated oxygen.

Formula facts

No Parabens, No Sulphates, No Alcohol, No Fragrance, No Phthalates, No Mineral Oil, Vegetarian-friendly, Vegan-friendly, Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores!).

Green facts

Against animal testing, Against plastic microbeads, Carton: Recyclable & sustainable paper.

Natural facts

Natural pomegranate enzymes, Natural self-heating minerals, Citrus oils and fruits extracts, Bamboo micro-exfoliators, Natural cleansing cloth.

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Take a look at the HERO sidekick who helped us create this product... meet Madeeha

Name: Madeeha Ghazanfar
Age: 33

Skin concerns:
  • Dehyrated skin
  • Dullness
  • Congested skin

sidekick resurfizz

Resurfizz in three words is easy, effective and gentle. It's a gentle exfoliant which shows promising results without stripping skin's natural oil. After the first use, my skin felt so soft and supple. My skin was deeply cleaned, refreshed and visibly radiant. I am absolutely thrilled being a sidekick for Resurfizz. It was an opportunity not to be missed.

Of course! Prior to using Resurfizz™, take off your eye makeup with Undo™ to ensure your eye area is cleansed and Resurfizz™ can work its magic on the rest of your face. After using Resurfizz™, apply Hyasoft® to hydrate your skin to its deepest layers and give you a rejuvenated and plumped complexion. Don't forget to apply lots of SPF in the morning to protect those fresh skin cells. Our Night Drops™ and Vit C-30™ may be a bit too strong to use alongside Resurfizz so we recommend you let Resurfizz™ be the star of your skin once a week and keep the brightening and soothing of our other HEROES to the remaining 6 days.
The natural pomegranate enzyme is the superstar ingredient in Resurfizz, helping to gently break down the bonds between skin cells to slough off dead skin.
Yes, Resurfizz is vegan and vegetarian friendly.
Resurfizz is a natural enzyme peel and is much more gentle than the usual acids peels. It will not make your skin visibly peel. However, you may experience some temporary redness, mostly caused by the exfoliation procedure. This should go down in a few minutes after use.
Most traditional peels use acids (and may be referred to as chemical peels) which can often be harsh and remove both dead and healthy skin cells from the skin’s surface. Resurfizz™ uses natural pomegranate enzymes (no acids, yay!) which gently exfoliate away only the dead skin cells leaving your skin looking fresh and healthy.
Yes! Resurfizz is suitable for sensitive skin however we do have a few pointers to help you get the best out of the kit. Try not to scrub too hard with the Thermo Melt. It has physical exfoliators in it so being heavy handed can be harsh on delicate skin. Use gentle circular motions to leave your skin soft and smooth. Try only using the Enzyme Fizz for 3 minutes the first time you use it, to check that your skin is ok with it. If you get great results (which we think you will) use it for the full time the next time you do it.
We recommend to only use it once a week to remove dead skin accumulation.

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