The Science Behind Winter Skin

Did you know applying vitamin C to your skin is a whopping 20 times more effective than taking a supplement?*

In fact, most of the vitamin C we ingest doesn’t even make it to our skin. Sorry, but the 2 litres of orange juice you drank yesterday might not make a world of difference to your skin.

Thankfully, here at THE HERO PROJECT, we’ve created the bee’s knees of all vitamin C serums, Vit C-30™ Ultra Brightening Serum. This bright orange, wonder serum can take your skin from drab to dreamy in a matter of weeks. Here’s how…

The higher, the better

We like to follow the golden rules of chocolate consumption with our skin care too… the more, the better. A huge 30% of our Vit C-30TM is packed with glow-inducing, brightening, anti-ageing, fabulous vitamin C, which is pretty damn high indeed. Compared to other market leaders also foraying into the vitamin C serum field, we have one of the highest concentrations of the active ingredient. So basically we win that bright orange crown. Curtsies all round, please.

Free radicals, be gone

Every day our skin is bombarded by little molecules of pollution and UV rays. These trigger the production of evil, dastardly free radicals (shudders). Free radicals to our skin are like the Wicked Witch to Snow White; they ain’t friends. They try to nab an electron from collagen molecules, disrupting the building blocks of our skin. And you know what that means? Premature ageing… the biggest swear word for all 30-somethings.

But never fear, Vit C-30TM is here… Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which stops those pesky free radicals in their tracks. Hence why vitamin C is one of the most exciting anti-ageing ingredients of the moment and why we dedicated a whole hero product to the wonder ingredient to help care for your skin.

A serum you can always rely on

Our Vit C-30TM actually contains a pumped-up, next level type of vitamin C, called ethylated L-ascorbic acid. Now don’t drift off just yet, because this vitamin C look alike could be the answer to all your skincare woes. While bog standard ascorbic acid is uber unstable and oxidises when exposed to air and sunlight, our super-ingredient is specifically formulated to combat those pesky air molecules. That means that our vitamin C serum will stay potent for much, much longer than rival serums which use pure ascorbic acid, without losing any of its fabulous anti-ageing effect.

It’ll be all-bright

Another of vitamin C’s wonder properties is its ability to stop those annoying age spots and slow down the discolouration process. It can stop melanin production (the colour pigment in your skin) in its tracks to lighten and brighten – dazzling skin all round!

Oily ain’t always bad

Our HERO PROJECT super-geeks have whizzed up a unique mixture of all of your favourite skin care saviour oils in production. They are renowned for their hydration and anti-wrinkle powers. Think grapefruit, lemon and lime